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Estudio Sampere - Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Spanish courses at our language school in Cuenca

Sampere Ecuador - learn Spanish in Ecuador Learn Spanish in Ecuador - Language school in Ecuador. The language school Estudio Sampere offers Intensive Spanish Courses, One-to-One Spanish Courses, as well as Arts and Crafts Courses.

Since the early days in 1956, thousands of students have studied Spanish successfully at Estudio Sampere in Spain and Ecuador.

Learn Spanish in Cuenca

Language school Ecuador - Sampere Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador and its third largest city.

It is also Ecuador’s best kept secret, not least because Cuenca and its surrounding region are rich in history, with a colonial atmosphere that has survived thanks to years of almost complete isolation.

Exploring this delightful Latin American city and getting to know its friendly people will make you want to stay forever... [more]

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At Sampere Ecuador, quality standard is assured by the following organizations:

Sampere Ecuador is member of IALC(International Association of Language Centres) Sampere is Member of CAPLS Sampere Ecuadors quality standard is assured by Federacion de Escuelas de Espanol Lengua Extranjera The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Calidad en la Ensenanza del Espanol como Lengua Extranjera Association of International Educators Sampere Ecuador accreditated by Instituto Cervantes

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